Nanny Services - How it works


Mamaheart Nannies is dedicated to keeping our community safe from the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  

The Following Are Our Safety Guidelines:

  • We require our nannies and families to stay home if anyone is feeling sick or has symptoms.
  • We promote etiquette for washing hands regularly throughout the day.
  • We encourage our nannies and families to limit their exposure to public places.  
  • We stress the importance of our nannies and families to continue to social distance.
  • We ask nannies and families to frequently disinfect any high traffic or regularly touched objects.
  • We leverage the use of technology for interviews.
  • We encourage nannies and families to continue to educate themselves on current guidelines as set forth by CA State Gov, CDC, the Federal Government and WHO.
  • We ensure all nannies & families matched align on the COVID Risk Tolerance Scale.

    APNA-copy-COVID-Risk-Tolerance-Scale (1)

If you or any persons you’ve come in close contact with have been sick or become sick, please inform your nanny or nanny family immediately.